Kaaren Pixton

Children's Illustrator and Art Educator


When my triplet grandbabies were chewing and ripping their books, (as ambitious babies are wont to do) I made each of them a gift book out of the same tough material that had been successful in creating collage murals with children in schools.  Their enterprising mother, Amy, started the baby book business that would become “Indestructibles®” and I created the first six books. 

Published now by Workman Publishing, over half a million of those first books have been wrangled by happy babies.

They are available at bookstores, children's shops, and online at Workman.com and Amazon.

This promotional video of Indestructibles® books features my granddaughter!

A friend's grand daughter "reading" MAMA AND BABY

A friend's grand daughter "reading" MAMA AND BABY