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Grandma Camp - Squash Sculptures

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It started one summer, but then when school started again they asked me “What about Grandma Camp?”  So now it is on Friday afternoons after school.


One of our favorite things is squash sculptures.  (You know how zucchini sometimes hide under the leaves and becomes enormous?)



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We have built a treehouse at every house we have owned.  This old cherry tree seemed like the palm of a hand willing to hold the children.  It has a main deck and two crows' nests. 

When I had grandchildren staying in the summer I came outside to find that the treehouse had been decorated for the fairies.  Only a child could teach us how to create something so thoughtful and beautiful.

The designer

The designer


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Since childhood I have loved trees - for their beauty, their mystery, their persistence and their changing with the seasons.  I have buried my face in their soft fragrant blossoms, gathered their leaves and their fruit, climbed them and sheltered under them.  At each of our four homes over the years we have built a tree house for the children (and for us) - for reading and playing and for “being.”

Finding myself sick and homebound for some of January, I created collage trees to add to my “collection.”  In the future maybe some of these will inhabit children’s books.

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